Discussion about possible Options

I have written some points that help to explain my situation and my dire need to find a way to raise funds to build my family a house.

Health & Housing

The people of Gambia are experiencing the most trying moment in our lifetime. It is September and we are still experiencing a heavy wet season. Heavy rain is flooding us everyday. Half of the population don’t have a proper house to live in. Most of the houses among the poor are made from mud. These houses mostly only have holes for windows and doorways. Almost everyones roofs are of thached grass or rusty iron. On the left you can see a photo of a doorway with a malaria-screen. Malaria is a major health issue among skin complaints, especially for the children, in the wet season. When it’s rains, the water pours down and floods into their houses. I have witnessed five compounds in our village have that fall down during this wet season. There are many where this is happening all over The Gambia. For those families whose house falls down, they end up homeless. There is simply nowhere to go, but to live on the street. Few are luckily enough to find generous people, who could rent them an extra house or offer them somewhere to live, until they have opportunity to find a new house.


School has opened today Monday. It is the 17th of September. Many families are struggling and worry about how to buy books. They find it hard to buy or borrow uniforms for their children and it is as hard to further scrap any funds their child school essentials. It is my aim to make sure that my younger brothers and sisters get whatever they need to stay at school. I know the world is changing rapidly and that their future seriously depends on education, especially in sustainable development and areas of technology, so that they may have opportunity too, as people and the the New Gambian economy learn how adapt, to current world change.

Innovative Youth




Youth Innovation?

The youth in The Gambia are very intelligent. They try to do well at school but for those who come from a poor background, often they will have to leave school early because they cant pay for their tuition fees. Many, like me are forced to simply drop out. These are the central issues for The Gambia. It is why we complain that The Gambia is going backward because most of the intelligent youths came from a poverty background. As I speak to you I just wonder how can I help innovate this change for us. We have public schools (thankfully) but everyone wants his child to learn in private school. This is because parents think private schools offer more effective learning. I'm not sure that that is necessarily the case. I just know that I myself was unable to complete my educational career due to the financially hardship and my parents struggle as they to come from a poverty background. I stopped going to during my senior level in grade 11. It was only one year before I might have completed my schooling and proceed to college. Luckily however, as life goes on I have one person on the internet who is mentoring me to learn how to do basic webpages. This is so I can learn a new skill and hopefully earn a better income and, enough to help care for the needs of my family.


Gambia Development's Plan

The future in The Gambia?

During my lifetime, I know that The Gambia will develop, but it will take some time. On my left I have placed a link over the image, to " Gambia's National Development Plan for 2018-2021" . I would appreciate it if you all had a look. Even though our country has an abundance of natural and human resources, the Republic of Gambia remains one of the poorest countries in Africa today. Despite recent sound economic growth, some 4% in recent years, nearly 60% of Gambia's population still falls below the overall poverty line. At least 40% suffer food-stress living below the food poverty line.


After much struggle, at last after 22 year of a dictatorship, the political situation in The Gambia is free of tyranny. It is during the 22years of that dictatorship that our economy system was looted and destroyed. Gambia needs capital to avoid a financial crash. People are free but without a strong economy the corruption within the services will be harder to overcome. I ask the United States and indeed the entire rest of world, to please help support us with the socio-economic transition in the New Gambia. Countries not just in Africa, but around the globe, need to see the positive benefits of a change from authoritarian to democratic rule. Of most importance is that this change institutes a legitimate government and one that respects human rights. It must be clear to all that such a government delivers not just abstract principles, but real concrete benefits. With Foreign support and assistance at all levels, citizens everywhere can help this happen, from the ground up. This is why I have decided to learn how to use the internet and support IT and web development, so I too can contribute and reach out to the whole world.

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